If you want to choose your career and achieve it. Then choose “SPARK SCIENCE ACADEMY”. Mira-Bhayander is a fast developing region inhabited brilliant students and highly educated parents who dream of making their children achieve excellence in education with the objective of fulfilling this dream of the parents of Mira-Bhayander, SPARK SCIENCE ACADEMY was established to cater to the needs of students and parents in the field of education.

With a unique combination of knowledge, experience and exuberance, a fusion of such faculties surfaced in Mira-Bhayander to educate, motivate, guide and inspire our students to achieve the ultimate goal in education “excellence”.

In SPARK SCIENCE ACADEMY we believe in 360 degree development of our students providing highest quality of education through innovative lectures, audio visual learning and personnel attention to the weaker areas of our students. We provide our students with best learning facilities such as spacious classrooms with air conditioning, library reading, scientific learning equipment, separate washrooms for girls, boys and faculty members, updated and upgraded learning notes and above all a very learning friendly environment.

We have an excellent team of professors and counsellors who have mentored thousands of students in the past 30 to 35 years. The testimonials of some of our ex-students is the evidence of the efforts put by our team. Many of our past students are now the parents of the current students learning in our academy.

With nominal fees, installments and scholarship schemes we relieve the burden of fees from our parents shoulders so that no child is deprived from getting the best they deserve.

The yearly and bi-yearly curriculum is so planned that every students gets sufficient time for revision and analysis of his/her weakness and rectifying them. The assessment scheme, evaluation plan, dpp mock test, and clear your doubts are some of the special features which makes SPARK SCIENCE ACADEMY the choice of every student in Mira-Bhayander and its vicinity.

Spark Science Academy Advantages

We believe in individual attention which is not possible in large size of batches. So we keep limited students in our batches.

If we feel any of our student is not grasping, we conduct counselling session with their parents So we can understand the actual problem

After completion of our lectures we provide notes also which are prepared by our quality teachers with high level of experience

We believe innovations in our teaching methodology. So we take care about this that how we are producing our lectures.

We believe innovations in our teaching methodology. So we take care about this that how we are producing our lectures.

We always try to connect ourselves with parents regarding the problem of students. Parents feedback is necessary for betterment